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Comments from Moldovan participants

“Due to The Marriage Course, my husband organized a special time for us. He bought some food and sweets, and we went out of the city to spend some time together--about two hours. My husband’s decision was a big surprise for me! I enjoyed it very much and like to have such surprises more often! We need this time together as a couple.” – A couple from Ukraine, April 2016

  “Thank you for this practical training. We have never had such meetings in our church. Moreover, we have never had such romantic meetings! For my family, this is a reminder and a wonderful opportunity to examine our own relationships.” -- A pastor in Transnistria, May 2016  

“Thank you very much for The Marriage Course! This is a big blessing for our church. This training is a good, practical course, and it is very useful for couples. It helps to improve family relationships and as a result, good families will build good relationships within the church.” -- A pastor in Ukraine, May 2016

"We were particularly impressed by the fact that it is important to spend time together. Throughout the course, we tried to make time to be together. After finishing the course, for the first time in ten years, we went together for three days of vacation. We loved it and want to continue finding ways to spend time with one another! We also noticed that other couples really liked the idea.” -- Valentine and Nadezhda B., married about ten years, June 2013

“My husband became more attentive, and more romantic, as the course continued. I came home from work one day, and he had laid out in the courtyard letters from the gravel spelling "I love you". He began to do a lot of other nice things too.” -- Valya T., June 2013

“We were most impressed by the seminar on the languages of love. I could not understand why my wife wanted gifts again and again; I could not understand when my efforts to respond would indeed be “enough.” However at the seminar, it became clear that it was her love language. Thank you for this message!” -- Yan T., June 2013

"We are thankful to Mihai and Angelica for this wonderful time. These 7 weeks we have spent together are like one day of wedding that's just started. What is following though is more beautiful, it's our life together put on the solid foundation centered on God." -- Igor S., pastor, October 2011

"Until this course we had some unclarity about the differences between us. We have learned , though, that it is important to invest in a marriage relationship and that it is important to have some quality time together. I recommend to other couples, if they have an opportunity, to take this course in order to improve the family relationship." -- Viorica and Sergiu M. October 2011

"Here we have learned the value of forgiveness and joy in family life. We want to motivate others to take this course because it has been very helpful to us and encouraged us in many aspects. It would prove useful even for our parents". -- Maria and Oleg S., October, 2011

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